Monday, June 9, 2014

A Glimpse of Greece

When I first posted in Facebook that I was in Greece, one friend commented if I was really at Greece? I mean, what's the first thing that pops into your mind when you see these columns? 
Ofcourse, it's Greece!

Who would have thought that there's a place like this in my very own province? Yes, this Greek-inspired island is actually located in Nasugbu, Batangas! I'm from Batangas but I never knew that this place exists. It's called the Fortune Island.

Fortune Island used to be a private luxury resort owned by former Governor Tony Leviste. Now, it's just like an island from Survivor Series. No amenities, no accomodation, no electricity, no water supply, this is the ultimate beach camp if you guys are into those kind of trip. However, if you're the type of person who prefers comfort over adventure, then this is not for you. Also good thing is that there's signal from Globe & Smart ONLY, sorry Sun subscribers. There's also 3G so you can upload photos on FB and instagram and let your friends wonder where the heck are you, or just like what I did, I told them I was in Greece, Haha! :)

Before you reach the island, you'll have to take a 45 minute-boat ride from the Fortune Island Resort in Nasugbu proper. The big waves we encountered made the trip even more memorable. If you have a weak tummy and seasickness, make sure you take Bonamin before the trip or else.. 

Every summer, my college friends from UP Manila visit Batangas for our annual summer getaway. This year, we chose Fortune Island. (I think there's no need to explain why. Haha!) My other friends from Lipa also joined the trip so we were ten in a group. 

We stayed there overnight. Beach camp and castaway lang ang peg. Too bad we didn't get to see the sunset because of the gloomy weather. So while others explored the island, we cooked rice, adobo, bbq and hotdog for our dinner. Sarap kasi ako yong nagluto ng adobo! Haha! After dinner, we were literally just chillin by the beach. Music + Tequila + Best group of Friends = Best Trip Ever! It was nice catching up, sharing stories of our lives and how we've matured throughout these years, cheers to seven years of friendship! Gaaaah! I've missed them so much! *sob*


Another chill day. Spent the morning swimming and taking photos. :)

My morning view

Selfie :D

We left Fortune Island around 11:30 in the morning. The waves were much bigger this time so we had to dock on the Nasugbu Pier instead. It took us an hour before we reached the pier.

That's it! This is one getaway I'll never forget! See you guys again next Summer!
Hmmm..I wonder where we'll go next. :)

Thank You Lord for another awesome trip with my awesome friends!

- LMB xx

** If you're planning to go there, please do contact Mang Dante 0939-489-5292. :)

PS. Make sure to watch out for my next post on How to get to Fortune Island and Things You Should Remember when visiting Fortune Island. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malasimboat Party Photodump

- Jumped off the boat! Hooray! X
- Met new acquaintances X
- Saw my former schoolmates X
- party 'til sunset X

Here's my video! I was chickening out at first but then I jumped anyways. I knew I'd regret it if I didn't. ;)

Til next year Liki Tiki! :)

- LMB xx

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Black Heart" A Solo Exhibit of Apyang

What's up Art Lovers and fellow BatangueƱos!

Art Fair 2014 maybe over and in case you've missed it, don't fret 'cause there's still an exciting line up of Art Activities in store for you this whole month of March! Aside from the Art Installations all over Metro Manila, we also have some exciting exhibits here in Batangas.
Yes! Batangas Pride!

One of the artists I admire is having her first solo exhibit this coming March 22, that's on Saturday at Gigabite, Tanauan City, Batangas and I'm really excited to see what she has prepared since I've been a fan of her artworks even before.

Meanwhile, here's a little profile background of the artist.

ARTIST on Spotlight: 

Artist Profile:
I am Apyang. My full name is April Amor Mea. I’m a self taught visual artist. 25 years old. I started drawing when I was 4 years old. I didn’t pursue art way back school days because music was my first love. One day I met an artist and he showed me how beautiful the art world is. I began to believe that I have a room for it, that I can do both- music and art.

My artworks. I’m easily fascinated with movies, with personality, and girls. My influences in my art style, of course Audrey Kawasaki, Marco Mazzoni, and Kukula. 


“Black Heart” came from the song of Incubus called “Black Heart Inertia”.  This is apparently my post celebration of
 Valentine’s Day. There’ll be a set of art specifically portraits of girls . Each girls in the portrait will symbolize the pain, the sadness, the struggles about love/ relationship. etc. There’ll be a minimum of 6 portraits.
- Apyang

Here's a picture of myself and Apyang with one of her own designed tees. Yes, she also has her own design merchandise!

If you want to check her designs out, visit and like her Facebook Page here.

Anyways, aren't we both cute? Heehee! *wink*

It won't only be a night of art but of music as well (and beers, too!) 
Apyang will also be giving away free stickers ! Yay! Don't you just love stickers? I do! 

So what are you waiting for?

Experience Art and Music this Saturday night and be part of the "Black Heart" exhibit!

Ticket Outlets:
or call / text Apyang @ 09279274194 

Ticket/Entrance Fee: P50 pesos only! :)

Ano ga? Tara na! 
See you there!!! :)

-LMB xx

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Malasimbo 2014 Hangover

Officially kicked off Summer 2014 by attending the Malasimbo Music Festival! Still feeling the Malasimbo hype as I type this. I'm sure that anyone who has experienced Malasimbo could relate to what I feel - Malasimbo Hangover!

It was actually my second time to go to the festival and I fell in love with it just like the first time. Love is indeed sweeter the second time around.

Why do I love this Music Festival so much that I couldn't help but invite everyone I know to come and experience Malasimbo?

Here's why.

Whether you're an art enthusiast, music lover, reggae or not, festival-goer or your friend just dragged you and had no idea what this festival is about, you'd surely enjoy Malasimbo. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with the whole Malasimbo set-up?

Just picture this, a music festival on a top of a mountain in Puerto Galera (one of the most beautiful bays in the world), international and local artists perform on stage while you watch under coconut trees or even while lying on your mats, no VIP tickets so sometimes, you have no idea that you're already sitting beside an artist and mingle with them later, drinks everywhere, art installations all over the place plus the cool people who make the whole Malasimbo experience even more memorable!

This is the Music Festival where everyone is your friend and definitely a festival one shouldn't miss. Of course, a side trip to the beach/es of Puerto Galera is a must! Lastly, the proceeds from the Festival will be used in preservation of the culture of our indigenous people, particularly the Mangyans of Mindoro. So that makes Music Festival & Beach Getaway (for a cause) all in one trip.

Here are some of the photos during Malasimbo 2014.

Ice cream while waiting.
The view! Cropped the pic just because! Hehe!
It's good to be back! 
Malasimbo Crew, Okay! 
With Benjamin, the "TALL" guy
With Andrea and her friend's Pomeranian, (Dogs are welcome too, Told ya! )
Tequilla shots with new friends
New friends!

Shiny faces are happy faces.

Aren't you all excited?  I am! So make sure to include Malasimbo on your next year's Summer activities!

I'll be blogging about Malasimboat Party on my next post. (Yes! there's also a boat party! ;) )

It was a tiring yet productive Monday. How did you start your week?